Food Safety

Pandani Select Foods manufactures a wide range of smallgoods products, our customers being large food processors to local delicatessens and all in between. Our products are manufactured under a strict HACCP certified food safety system.

Through implementing key production controls and quality assurance of the product, we strive to produce our smallgoods in a manner which meets and exceeds all regulatory, legal and customer expectations. Its’ in our culture, our brand and our team; we are devoted to making your eating experience one to remember.

Our management is committed to supplying the necessary resources to help achieve our quality and food safety goals;

  • the food safety system is audited internally by experienced QA and externally by a third party certification body
  • maintain the safety of our product at all times through good manufacturing practices

  • source raw materials, ingredients, equipment and packaging which are of a quality not to compromise product integrity
  • product consistency while being versatile and responsive to market demands
  • our team goal is to produce quality products time after time that we are all proud of.
  • food safety
  • food safety

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